1st Year Trip to Wexford

Earlier this term, two first year classes visited the National Heritage Centre. Located on the banks of the river Slaney, Williams and Thompson took on an unforgettable journey through Ireland’s past. They got to experience stories and sights that shaped our country.

The students, Ms Leahy and Ms Cuskelly began their two-hour tour guide early in the morning. The experienced costumed tour guide brought the classes back in time starting with the Stone Age, going through the Bronze and Iron Ages and finishing at Early Christian Ireland. Each student was guided through the major changes in Irish history, learning how people worked, lived and died.

They got to see full scale reconstructions of ancient houses, forts and tombs; fully reconstructed early Christian monastery and cooking places.

Onsite, there was a Fulacht Fiadh restaurant that the students got to try cooked meat. The meat was wrapped in straw and put into boiling water until ready to eat.

Williams and Thompson really enjoyed their time in Wexford, they learnt a lot about our past and were thankful for the experience.

By Vanessa, Ellen and Ellie, TY journalism.