Ciara O’Loughlin Speaks to TY Journalism students!

Journalism student, Ciara O’Loughlin from DCU, who is in her last year of studies, came to speak to us last Friday to speak to us about her experiences studying journalism in college.

She showed us multiple articles that she has written along with some of the radio shows that she held in the past on DCU FM. She also described her job working with guests in RTE.

Ciara warned us about the pressure involved with studying journalism where one day you could have 3 stories to have finished and the next have up to 70 to finish! Ciara gave us some helpful tips on writing articles and carrying out interviews.

She described journalism as exciting and rewarding and how its like “Giving a voice to the voiceless”.

We really enjoyed talking to Ciara, we thank her for coming to speak to us and we wish her all the best in her final year of studies.

By Ellie Griffin