*Attention all incoming first year parents 2019 using BYOD devices*

****Attention all incoming first year parents 2019 using BYOD devices****

For those choosing the BYOD (Bring your own device) option, this option has now been made available in the Wriggle store. Orders for books must be made before the closing date of 10/6/19. Once the order is complete a checklist will be emailed out to all parents.
• Part 1 of the checklist must be completed by the parent and device will be delivered to the school no later than the recommended date 12/06/2019.
• Part 2 of the checklist will be checked and verified by the school for each device. Please ensure every device is returned with Part 1 of the checklist completed. This will be verified by the school
• The devices will be collected from the school on the week of 17/06/2019 for configuration by Wriggle.
• Upon receipt of the devices wriggle will complete part 3 of the checklist. Any device that is found to not meet the criteria required for configuration will be rejected and returned to the school. Wriggle will inform the parent before returning the unconfigured device to the school.
• All devices that meet the criteria will be configured by us and held for the 30 days locking down period before being returned to the parents designated delivery address along with any physical books before the start of the school term.

In order to ensure that all BYOD devices are configured in a timely fashion, it is necessary for Donabate Community College to gather some contact information in order to accurately configure each device.

Please click the link here, read the iPad criteria and fill out the BYOD form at your earliest convenience.