**Attn Parents of Incoming First Year Students**

Attention all incoming first-year Parents, the Wriggle Store will close on June 10th. The full ordering details are listed below.

Step 1: Go to the wriggle.ie store and click the Order online tab

Step 2: Enter the store code 82649287

Step 3: Click on Order now under the Donabate CC 1st year bundle tab.

Step 4: Select the iPad you wish to purchase and click add to cart, or in the case of BYOD select add to cart underneath this option. Note that when buying an iPad you have the option of buying the heavy duty case or bringing your own case. For BYOD devices you are required to bring your own case.

Step 5:  Click on continue to next section at the bottom of the page.

Step 6: If you intend on purchasing insurance through wriggle for a new iPad check this option. This option is not available for BYOD devices and insurance should be purchased separately in this instance.

Step 7: Continue to next section

Step 8: iPad management, Digital technology training and support and delivery charges are required for both new devices and BYOD devices so continue to next section.

Step 9: Maths and religion are core subjects so these are automatically ticked. If the student intends to study Spanish and/or Technical graphics then these boxes should be ticked accordingly and continue to next section.

Step 10: iKydz, Logitech iPad crayon and the stationary pack are optional purchases and not mandatory requirements by Donabate CC. Continue to next section.

Step 11: Voucher codes are available for families with financial difficulties. In these cases please contact Donabate CC for further information otherwise continue to next section.

Step 12: Fill out the billing information and check the 3 boxes underneath. Then proceed to payment.

Step 13: Click here to purchase the remaining books through educate.ie. Select the correct bundle according to the student’s subject choices. Please note that subjects such as Business, Woodwork etc do not require a textbook and are hence missing for each bundle.

Step 14: Enter the number of bundles required, add to cart and proceed to shipping and billing information.

Step 15For BYOD devices only further information is given here and the requirements must be adhered to so that the device is configured correctly.

****Please note that all devices and textbooks will be delivered to the students’ home address by the middle of August****