College Crest

In September 2009 when the college opened Ms. Laffoy organised a competition for students to design a crest for our new school. Almost all students entered the competition, instead of choosing one crest designed by one student; five elements of different designs were chosen and incorporated into the new Donabate Community College Crest by Ms Carroll, the Art Teacher. The Minister for Education Mr Batt O’Keeffe visited the college to officially unveil the crest on 14th November 2009. The winners were interviewed after the competition by Molly McDonnell and Rachel Noctor for the year book. The following is an account of what the winners Kellie Farrelly, Gavin Simpson, Aisling Collinge, Aoife Rogers and Olivia Walsh had to say and why they chose their element of the design.

Rachel: Why did you choose to draw the anchor?

Kellie: I chose it because it was historical and it represents that our school is c lose to the sea. It also shows that when a boat puts down its anchor, it stabilises the boat and keeps it safe. We want our new school to always be safe.

Kellie Farrelly

Rachel: Gavin which part of the crest did you draw?

My crest design was of Newbridge House. I chose Newbridge House because it has a lot of historical background to do with Donabate and Portrane. I also chose it because our first school photograph was taken on the steps of Newbridge House.

Gavin Simpson

Molly: Aisling, what part of the crest was your own design?

Aisling: I designed the hands reaching out to one another at the bottom of the crest. the big hand represents the hand of a parent or teacher and the smaller hand represents the hand of the student. The big hand reaches out to the small hand to encourage it to do its best. I thought it ties in with our motto “Excellence through Encouragement and Effort”.

Molly: How did you feel when you found out you were one of the five finalists?

Aisling: I was really happy because I knew the crest will always be there and my design is part of it.

Molly: Aoife, what part did you draw and why?

Aoife: My part of the crest was the Round Tower in Portrane. I chose it because it represents Portrane and this a very historic tower and is linked back to Parnell. When I won part of the crest competition, I was extremely happy and excited. However, when I found out that I had the privilege to read a piece to the Minister for Education, I was slightly nervous at first.

Aoife Rogers

Rachel: Olivia what part of the crest did you design and why?

Olivia: I chose the Ad Astra part for the crest. It is part of our school motto “excellence through encouragement and effort.” The Latin word for excellence is “ad astra”, it also means ‘towards the stars’. I picked this because I think it is important to remember, so that we can live by it and aim as high as we can in school. Every month we have the ad astra awards for effort. I was very happy and proud when my idea won.

Olivia Walsh