DCC students at Bridge 21

As part of Transition Year in Donabate Community College, some students have been lucky enough to attend Bridge 21 throughout the year.

What is Bridge 21? In their own words, Bridge 21 is “an education programme based in Trinity College, Dublin”. They offer a “new model of learning that can be adapted for use in irish secondary schools”. Their aim is to transform the way we teach and learn.  

How does Bridge 21 work ? A select number of students from different schools around Dublin will attend Bridge 21 for four days. In the programme, students mix with one another and are put into groups where they then have to work as a team for the week. Each day they are given different tasks to complete which involves planning and working together to come up with good ideas. At the end of every day, each group presents their completed project to the rest of the students.

I was lucky enough to attend Bridge 21 in January and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would recommend any upcoming TY students to sign up for it if they are given the chance. I feel it is a great opportunity and you will improve your skills and maybe learn some new ones such as working in a team and bettering your communication skills. Bridge 21 runs during school times, it starts at 9:30am at finishes at 3pm and on the last day everyone finishes early at 1pm. It was lots of fun!

At the start of the first day, we played ‘ice breaker’ games to get to know one another. Then everyone was put into a group with students from other schools and we were able to introduce ourselves to one another. Everyone takes part in lots of fun projects such as film making, editing, TV and Radio advertisements, inventions, debating about school issues and taking part in surveys. I personally enjoyed taking part in all of the projects as I feel I developed my communication, teamwork, leadership and time management skills. Throughout the week everyone started to make friends with each other which made the experience much more enjoyable. On the final day, everyone went for lunch together in the Trinity food hall, which was a nice way to end the week.   

In my opinion, Bridge 21 is a great opportunity to experience something new, I personally enjoyed it and other students in my school thoroughly enjoyed it also.

Four students from DCC were fortunate to be asked back for a second week of Bridge 21. Well done to Leah Nolan, Ciara Thiel, Ignacy Rudnicki and Conor McCann! In May all students that have taken part will return to Trinity College and graduate from the Bridge 21 programme. I am really looking forward to it!

By Emma Higgins, TY Journalism