F1 in Schools

Lat year for the first time Donabate Community College entered two teams, www.f1ignitionracing.com & www.f1retroracing.com, into the F1inScgools challenge. Both teams had great success and managed to raise the profile and interest within the school where we now have over 20 interested participants and 3 extra teachers involved this academic year.

If you have never heard of the Global Formula1 in schools competition before here is a brief explanation:

  • Teams for the competition consists of 3 to 6 members/students from secondary schools to design, analyse, make, test and race 1/20th-scale F1 racing car.
  • Team members use 3D CAD software (SolidWorks) to develop their ideas and model them in. Wind tunnel testing is used to test and improve the car’s performance.
  • CAM software and a CNC 4 axis router system converts the car design into a physical car.
  • Each team races their cars against each other in Griffith College on the 16th of March.

There are further details on the Formula1 in schools website www.f1inschools.ie