Good Luck Ross!

On behalf of DCC, we would like to wish fifth year student Ross Ennis best of luck ahead of his mountain biking competition this weekend. The European Series in mountain biking will be taking place in Scotland. Ross will practice on the course on Saturday ahead of racing on Sunday.

There are two leagues in the World Series; the Enduro World Series and the Enduro World Series 100, the EWS 100 league is a division below than EWS. Last weekend, Ross competed in the EWS 100 competition that took place in Madeira, off the coast of Portugal, finishing first. His time would have put him in 19th place in the EWS competition.

Ross has been mountain biking for an impressive nine years and but this is his first World Series. He won EWS 100 which means he was promoted to the top division of the competition. This is a huge achievement and the highlight of his career so far. This weekend Ross will be travelling to Scotland to take part in the European Series which will be taking place on Sunday. The day before competitions are spent practicing.

Ross has high ambitions for the rest of the year, the World Series are taking place in Italy this summer and there is another competition in France the week after. He also has high ambitions for the rest of his mountain biking career, he hopes to one day do this professionally. When asked why he loves mountain biking, he said he does it for the adrenaline!

We wish Ross the very best this weekend and in the future!

Article by Lara Browne and Ali Kavanagh, TY Journalism.
Thanks to Ross for the photos!