Green Schools

Donabate Community College set up a Green Schools this year. Mr Tiernan and Ms Cuskelly run the Green Schools and there are class reps from first, second and fourth year along with some volunteers. We have recently earned our first green flag for our work on Litter and Waste and we our currently working on our second theme, Energy. We normally meet on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

 We have done a number of things so far in relation to waste management and recycling. We have distributed recycling bins to every classroom and each Friday, two Green School members from first, second and fourth year will go around certain areas and empty the bins.

 Before the recycling bins however, we emptied out some of the bins and found that we could actually save a lot of money purely by recycling our waste.

Each class had a CSPE class that thought them about recycling and about what Green Schools will do. We also gave most of our recycled materials to the art department as they were participating in the Junk Couture competition which involved them using the recycled materials to create outfits.  These are only some of the things we have done so far.

 Recently, we went to the Malahide Estuary recycling centre. When we arrived we were shown into a room and we were given a presentation on the type of work the centre does and on recycling in general. After the presentation we were shown around the centre. We saw which items we could leave and where we could leave them. We then returned to the school.

 Currently we are working on obtaining a second green flag on the topic of energy.