**UPDATED**Information on Senior Cycle Options 2019 2020

On Friday 11th January 2019 at 9.10am we will be sampling students who are eligible to move into Senior Cycle in Donabate Community College in regard to their preferred subject choices for Senior Cycle.

We are asking that students along with their parents to review the list of subjects below to indicate what they are interested in studying at Senior Cycle.

This will be done electronically as a survey but will assist us with our planning for Senior Cycle options. 

A reminder that our Senior Cycle Options night will be held on 17th January 2019 Thursday 6.45pm-7.45pm

The subjects listed below are changeable. The preferences indicated in no way indicates a place will be offered to you in that subject.

  1. Accounting
  2. Agricultural Science
  3. Applied Maths
  4. Art, History and Appreciation
  5. Biology
  6. Business
  7. Chemistry
  8. Construction Studies
  9. Design and Communication Graphics
  10. Economics
  11. Engineering
  12. Geography
  13. Home Economics
  14. History
  15. Music
  16. Physics
  17. Technology
  18. Religious Education

Should your son / daughter not be in school on this day and you wish for them to participate in the sample please contact reception.