2016 iPad Information


David Ganly ICT Coordinator

As many of you are now going into year 4 of our successful 1:1 device programme and Donabate CC is now regarded as one of the model schools. Our chosen device has been the iPad and this is the same requirement for incoming 1st year students entering Donabate Community College in September 2016.

Information Evening 10th March

On the 23rd February 2016 we held our 1st year parent information night. The attendees on the night were addressed by Mr. Creevey (Principal), Ms. Flynn, (Deputy Principal), Ms. Curran (1st Year Yearhead) and Beryl Furlong (Wriggle representatives).

If you happened to miss this evening you can view the iPad information and presentation from Mr. Ganly by clicking the image above or by clicking here

Who are Wriggle?

Wriggle are the educational subsidiary of TypeTec, a company which has a long track record in ICT in Education. Since the explosion of incorporating ICT into schools and education Wriggle has come to the forefront as the best and most reputable company when it comes to implementation and deployment of iPads within a large number of Irish schools. Donabate Community College have been extremely happy with their service over the past three years and for this reason we are continuing our relationship.

Deployment + Important Dates

This section provides details of what was outlined in the presentation on the 23rd February and also serves as links to the important sites which you will need over the coming months.

The Wriggle online store will open on Tuesday 29th March 2016 and the link to the Live Store will soon be available at the bottom of this webpage – please note that this is the only way to purchase your iPad & eBooks. The school cannot accept payment in any form. Please do not make any purchase until you have received your confirmed option subjects from the school.

Deployment refers to the day when students come into the school and receive their iPad. On this day students will also be signed up for their school network account, edmodo account (our virtual learning environment), email account, receive the school’s AUP (Acceptable Usage Policy) for using the internet plus using their tablet. The deployment day for this years incoming first years is set for  Wednesday 24th August 2016.

In order to have such a large assignment of iPads + having the correct eBooks in place, both Wriggle and the school needs to have all payments closed off well in advance to this. This means the Wriggle online store, where you (the parents) will purchase everything from, will close on Friday 1st July 2016.

If your son/daughter will be bringing their own device (BYOD) we need these dropped into the school in advance. The date for bringing these to the school is Thursday 18th August 2016 between 9am and 11am. These BYOD’s will be fully erased and our security settings installed in advance of the deployment day. Please indicate your name on the device.

Recap on important dates:

  • Opening of Wriggle Online Store: Tuesday 29th March 2016
  • Closing of Wriggle Online Store: Friday 1st July 2016
  • Drop in your BYOD to the school: Thursday 18th August 2016 between 9am and 11am
  • Deployment Day for Incoming 1st Years: Wednesday 24th August 2016 from 9:30am to 14:00 (approximately)

If you have any further questions regarding any of the above please read the FAQ’s below. If  you require further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Finance Available

Donabate Community College has arranged a finance option which is available from Bank of Ireland Swords.  The bank have indicated that those interested in availing of this option are free to call the bank on 0766231615 or calling into the bank in Main Street, Swords to discuss further.



1:1 iPad Introduction FAQ’s – A Parental Perspective

 Is using the iPad optional or must I buy into it?

Ans. Many schools in Ireland have currently made the transition from traditional learning to learning with the aid of technology and much more are doing so this September in the form of introducing iPads. The reason they are making this important investment is for the overwhelming number of advantages it provides and the proven success the iPad has shown in education worldwide. Here at Donabate Community College we aim that all will come on board and from our initial feedback we are delighted with the positive response. However, we are well aware that this is a big step for many and if for any reason you feel you need to talk to to us please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to discuss.

 If we have an iPad already can we use it?

Ans. Yes, providing the tablet must be a minimum of an iPad2 and not contain 3G. Providing a safe and monitored environment is important to us and allowing 3G devices to work outside of our network is something we do not allow. If you intend using your own iPad you must let us know and also agree to install our MDM (mobile device management) software which allows us to monitor your iPad in school.

 What if we have two students attending this year?

Ans. Unfortunately just like buying two sets of books you will have to purchase two packages from the online Wriggle store

 My child has special needs, should I purchase anything additional?

Ans. We are not asking you to purchase anything additional and the good news is that the latest iPad is available at the same price as the iPad2. The latest iPad has a much better display plus it has additional features for students with special needs.

 What will the iPad be used for?

Ans. Using the iPad for all of the eBooks is only the start. With our young and enthusiastic staff we have already being pushing the boundaries when it comes to using the device as a teaching tool. This coming September we intend to push it even further with regards to virtual learning, creating digital content, sharing educational content, massively reducing paper output plus lots more, all in all this will be a truly 21st century learning experience which will prepare your son/daughter for the ever changing dynamic working world.

 What safety features are in place inside and outside of school?

Ans..As mentioned in the first point, all devices will have MDM (mobile device management) installed. In school this will allow us to control your son/daughters iPad in a monitored environment through our school network. It is impossible to block all social media sites but with good classroom management and teaching students about netiquette and rule obeying we have managed a very successful introductory year. In addition to this we are notified of black listed apps which should not be installed on any devices within school. Students breaching the signed AUP (acceptable use policy) will be dealt with in a serious manner.

At home and outside of school it is up to the discretion of the parent to maintain their own iPad rules and to possibly install a filter on their home broadband – please talk to your broadband provider about this. The school is on hand to offer any advice if you are worried about any aspect of this. In October we will invite all parents to attend an evening where we will offer hands on assistance.

 How much will this cost and what is the price breakdown?

Ans..This is naturally one of the most common questions which parents ask when they are notified of an iPad introduction. Here we have aimed to make the pricing as affordable as is possible and the following shows a breakdown of the once off fixed costs:

  • New iPad 16GB Retina Display = €429 (includes VAT)
  • iPad Case = €20/€55*
  • Deployment & Induction Workshop = €25
  • Wriggle Service & Support (covers 3 years) = €36

*optional purchase

The cost of eBooks will vary from student to student depending on their subject choice. Please be aware that those students choosing Art, Business Studies, Music, Metalwork or Technology will not have eBooks.

Art, Metalwork & Technology do not require any ebooks and instead has a materials cost, Music just requires a workbook.

There are two options on the online store 1. is eBook only 2. is Printed books with free eBooks. There is a further explanation on the online store when purchasing.

Click here to view the pricing for eBooks only

Click here to view the pricing of Printed books with free eBooks

 Do we require insurance and where should we get it?

Ans..Yes you certainly require insurance. Insurance is now offered through Gadget Insurance but we do encourage families to investigate their own house and home insurance as many now cover devices such as iPads inside and outside of homes. Please check out the excess and also inquire about what is or is not fixed under your policy. A copy of the Gadget Insurance Policy can be found here.  The school does not accept responsibility for damaged iPads.

Some Further Reading & Watching

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Further Questions or Queries?

If  you require further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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