LCVP trip to Butler’s factory

On the 27th September 2018, two LCVP classes from 5th year got the chance to go on a trip to Butler’s chocolate factory in Coolock. The purpose of the trip was to learn more about how Butler’s chocolate factory was set up, how they make their chocolate and operate their business.The 5th years got a rare insight into how the machines in the factory work to make the chocolate.

The 5th Year classes spent two and a half hours in coolock learning about the factory. While they were there, they watched a documentary about the factory and they also got to decorate chocolate bunnies in white chocolate.

Students said that they enjoyed the trip as they said that it was good to learn about how the factory was set up. They also learned more about the technology that the factory use.
Students said that the leaving cert vocational program is particularly useful because you can get extra points on your leaving cert and it also can help you in writing a CV.
A big thanks to Ms. Sheehan who organised the trip.

By Liam Shortall and Jack O’Connor