The Innisfree Library borrowed its name from W.B Yeats’ The Lake Isle of Innisfree. The Innisfree of Yeats’ poem was a place of calm and tranquillity that the poet fondly remembers from his childhood.

The library in Donabate Community College is a resource rich environment which fosters reading, learning, and creativity. Students can choose from a wide variety of books, both fiction and non-fiction, and curricular and extra-curricular. Students also have access to a reference section, periodicals, and computers for research and project work. We have recently received a large consignment of new books; the catalogue reflects the student bodies reading habits, and current young adult bestseller lists.

The Donabate Community College Parents Association has been fundamental in building up the library into the resource that it is today. The daily running of the library is carried out by the Library Committee, a group of students who volunteer their time to make the library a welcoming and organised environment.

Here are some Reasons to Read

Library Committee members:

  • Amy Hollands
  • Clodagh Watson
  • Reni Doneva
  • Cian Larkin
  • Ruari Meyler
  • Louise Conway
  • Anna O’Reilly
  • Sophie McKane
  • David McMenemy
  • Daniel O’Dowd
  • Adam Lyons
  • Hannah O’Neill
  • Olivia Smyth
  • Sean Gallagher