Mock Examinations 2019

School Mock Exams 2019

Our School Mock Exams will take place from Friday 1st February 2019 to Friday 15th February 2019 inclusive. Please note that students are permitted to remain at home on days when they do not have an examination.

Students should be aware that they required to bring their own materials (eg pens, calculators, geometry sets, colouring pencils etc.)  to the exams as none will be provided. In addition please note that log tables are required for mathematics.

Students are reminded that school rules remain in place during the exams. Full uniform must be worn and punctuality observed.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our students the best of luck in the exams.

If there are any issues concerning your child please have no hesitation in contacting their year head, Ms Curran or Ms Lindsay.

6th year mock timetable 2019 3rd Year mock Timetable 2019