Paired Reading at DCC

This year, Mr. Clarke and his TY English classes are taking part in a paired reading initiative with the third class students from Donabate Portrane Educate Together Primary School.

Once a week, the younger students come to the school and read in the school library with the older students. Each TY student is partnered up with a third class student to read with. The younger students read out loud and they are helped when needed. If the younger student wants a break, the TYs also read out loud. Everyone is really enjoying the weekly visits to the library.

It is clear from the sessions that paired reading is really beneficial for both the secondary school students at DCC and the primary school students at DPETNS. Reading with third class students and guiding them through a story is extremely beneficial to the fourth year students. It helped to expand their communication skills as they helped the third class students with the pronunciation of words, the definition of words they weren’t sure of and helping the kids complete their worksheets.

This was a unique way of learning through group work. Students who are in completely different stages of their life working together was a different way of learning. Although the fourth year students were the ones helping the third class students and taking on the ‘teacher role’, this task improved their reading as well. It gave them confidence with reading out loud.

One class has already taken part in paired reading, while a second class are currently working hard. Each TY class will get the opportunity to take part at some point in the year.

Hopefully, paired reading is something that could be continued next year with a new set of TY students and third class students. Thanks to Mr Clarke and all the teachers at Educate Together for making this initiative happen!

Written by Ali Kavanagh and Siobhan Molloy, TY Journalism