Past Pupil Mentoring Initiative


As we embark on our 10th Year in existence as Donabate Community College, it has been our aim to establish a mentoring programme in which our past pupils would commit some of their time to mentoring those who have yet to embark on life after the Leaving Certificate. It is testament to many of our past students that they have already expressed an interest in so doing.

To formalise this process, we have set up an email account:

We invite any graduate of our school who can commit to three meetings per year with a maximum group of 3-5 sixth year students, where you speak of your experiences: work/college/challenges/opportunities/luck/courage/coping with disappointment, depending on what the situation allows for.

Send me an email to the above address and on the school reopening in August,I will reply with details of a meeting of those who have expressed interest and hopefully we will build a programme with longevity which will give strength not only to our Leaving Certificate students but to those who are generous enough to be mentors.

Simply state your name, current contact details, Graduate, Currently Studying, Working, Travelling. Please give some brief details of studies/job. This is to help us match you to current students.


Looking forward to working together again,


Marian Flynn