Philosophy Club set for Irish Young Philosophers’ Awards

Best of luck to members of our Philosophy Club who will be taking part in the Annual Irish Young Philosophers’ Awards final tomorrow in University College Dublin!

Students have been working hard on their projects over the past few months and are looking forward to presenting them to a panel of judges tomorrow.

Last year at the Awards, students got to meet President Michael D Higgins in which he explained to students “Philosophy encourages young people to be at once bold and responsible explorers…to be the arrow and not the target”.

We wish the Philosophy Club the very best tomorrow. Best of luck to;
First Years; Ava Pender, Moya Bishop, Sean Power
Second Years; Robben Barnes, Ronan Doyle and Peter Oliver
Fifth Years; Cian Smart and Jake O’Toole

Thanks to Ms Fitzpatrick and Ms Kearns for their help and support. We look forward to hearing how you get on!