Second Year Awards

The second year awards took place on Friday the 26th of October. Students had the opportunity to win various awards for their efforts and good work throughout the term. These awards included the Student of the Term Award, the Ad Astra awards, the Most improved Awards, the Best Effort Awards and the House Cup for the House that overall had the most good notes.

The classes are divided into three houses, Hamilton and Roosevelt are in Ravenclaw, while Luther King and Voltaire are in Gryffindor and Nobel and Lincoln are in Slytherin. The House that won the House Cup was Ravenclaw as they had the most good notes overall.

Grace Farrell was the student that won the Student of the Term Award. We interviewed Grace about her win.

We heard you recently won the student of the term award, how did you feel when you won the award?
“I felt surprised when I won the award because I didn’t think that I would be the one to win it.”

What are some of your favourite subjects in school?
“My favourite subject in school are Maths, Irish and Spanish because the teachers are really nice and I find Maths really easy.”

How do you revise/study for school?
“I read over my notes and then write down all the important points and then I read over it again.”

While some awards were based on academic achievement, other awards were distributed in order to congratulate the students on both their behaviour and their extra-curricular achievements.

Congratulations to all the students who won an award for their achievements throughout the term.

Written by Cara Spagnoletti and Ciara Kavanagh