Self Defence Workshop for TY Students

On Monday and Tuesday, all TY’s took part in a self defence workshop. The workshop was run by Eamon, Paddy and Ken from Close Encounters Ireland. The aim of the workshop was to educate and raise awareness about how to defend yourself.

The day started off with a quick discussion about why it’s important to learn and self defence and where it can be applied in real life. We began with a warm up and some basic skills. We learned how properly defend ourselves when hit and how to strike back.

After break, we were taught how to kick and knee an attacker. Then we went straight into ground work in smaller groups, and this brought us up to lunch time. It was tiring work and we needed the break!

To finish the day, the facilitators got into protective suits and everyone got to practice one on one combat as if in a real life situation. Students got the chance to take down an attacker when put under a lot of pressure.

The day was very successful, all students thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was very beneficial and students will definitely use these skills in the future. Many thanks to Ms. Sheehan and all the facilitators involved for the wonderful day.

By: Charlie Mangan and Alanna France, TY Journalism