SEN Department

SEN team:

SEN Department (Special Education Needs)


Ms Christine Carr (SEN Coordinator)

Ms Katy Comerford (Resource teacher)

Ms Carmel Egan (ASD centre teacher)

Ms Evelyn Lee (ASD centre teacher)

Special Needs Assistance:

Ms Aoife Daly

Ms Mary Cauldwell

Ms Siobhan Power

Ms Sheila Sherlock

Ms Jackie Watson

RACE 2017:

RACE: Reasonable Accommodations at the 2017 Certificate Examinations. Guide for students available on

Please note deadlines below for the 2017 scheme.

2017 Timelines

Available From Closing Date Decision Timeframe
Leaving Certificate /Leaving Certificate Applied 2017 –Accommodation Form Oct 2016 9th Dec 2016 End Jan -End Feb 2017
Leaving Certificate / LCA 2017 – Late Application Form Mid Dec 2016 7th April 2017 May 2017
Junior Certificate 2017 – Standard Application Form Nov 2016 13th Jan 2017 End Mar –End April 2017
Junior Certificate 2017 –Late Application Form Mid Jan 2017 7th Apr 2017 May 2017
Emergency Application Form – LC and JC n/a n/a

Help and Advice on the Race Scheme:

Phone: 090 6442700