Student Council Nominees Announced!

The nominees have just been revealed for the Student Council Election which takes place tomorrow. It is at this time that we should be reminded of the importance of voting. We need to vote for the student council elections as the student council can act as a voice for the students and they can bring awareness to issues that otherwise would go on without a solution. It is up to you, as a voter, to decide who should act as that voice. You can vote for whoever you feel are the best two nominees (one male and one female) on Friday 29th in B36/37. Remember to use your vote wisely.

Best wishes to all our nominees in tomorrow’s elections. The nominees for the 2017-18 Student Council are:

Sixth Year
Adams – Weronika Wierzbicka, Sophie McGrath, Kevin Foley, Ciaran McArdle
Bartok – Anna O’ Reilly, Rory O’ Brien, Lee McCarthy, Tiarnan Healy
Chopin – Oumar Balde, Erin McGahan, Iain Darroch, Nathan Matthews, Sean Nolan

Fifth Year
Brogan – Julian Nolan, Fionnuala Laughey
Taylor – Eleanor Ronan, Stephen Moran
O’ Rourke – Ben Keogh, Jacob Mwale, Emily Kinna
O’ Driscoll – Christopher Cussen, Sarah Williams
Harrington – Orqo Hickey, Jack Kinsella, Sinead Kearns, Grainne Honer
Peat – Gillian Weston, Giorgia Tanner, Orla Cahill, Fintan O’ Reilly, Ben Flynn
Transition Year – to be announced

Third Year
Dickens – Luke Dyas, Jessica Dolan
Shelley – Angela Gunko, Eoin Moran
Kipling – Penny McCarthy, Jack Pender
Conan Doyle – Leah Brogan, Dillon Byrne
Bronte – Ryan Weldridge, Elizabeth Akinwande
Austen – Tony Kealy, Thomas Crean

Second Year
Hawking – Ena Rubbathan O’ Reilly, Adam Reynolds
Rutherford – Amy O’Flaherty, David Oliver
Darwin – Carla Crosbie, Jack Grant
Wallace – Max Murray
Attenborough – Kailey Berrigan, Jack Davis

First Year
Voltaire – Jamie Doyle Brunty, Ella May Leonard
Rowan Hamilton – Alannah Dunne, Michael Nwabueze Gozie
Roosevelt – Faye Deering, Finn Martin
Luther King – Elana Crosbie, Peter Oliver
Lincoln – Robben Barnes, Simon Kealy
Noble – Beatrice Dabasinkaite, Conor Dunne

Thanks to Eoin Moran and Brian Hanratty from 3rd CSPE classes Shelley and Dickens for these details. Rang Shelley and Rang Dickens will host the elections tomorrow as their Action Project for CSPE.