Successful Global Health Day in DCC!

On the 19th of January 2017, the TY students celebrated our annual Global Health Day. They took part in a series of workshops and ended the day with a debate. Facilitators came from the Irish Forum for Global Health (IFGH), UCD, UCC, Trinity College, The Royal College of Surgeons, Ms. Chaloner, Ms. Lowry and parents from our school community. We started off the day with the gongs. These were a series of small presentations that were about a topic of the participants’ choice. Some of the participants talked about climate change, the importance of water, HIV/Aids and the role of women in our society, the Cambodia partnership and its development in our community. These three minute presentations gave us in an insight to the wide range of issues that affect not just the developing world but also our lives in Ireland.

Following this introductory session students then were separated into smaller groups and took part in many different workshops. We learnt about how much stigma surrounds HIV/Aids and the difference between having HIV/Aids in Africa compared to Ireland. We also did a workshop about the impact on women in the developing world of pregnancy in societies where good healthcare is not available. In addition, we considered our prejudices and how we make choices based on our assumptions.

We all then played the trading game and finished by listening to the debate. The trading game made us realise how unequal the world is. The developing world have to work for everything they have in life. This game was very competitive and made us realise how exploitation of countries with rich natural resources is a big problem and can keep them in poverty.

The motion for our debate was “That this house does not believe that people in the developing have a chance of a decent standard of health”. Both sides contested a well fought debate and had very interesting and convincing arguments. However, the motion was defeated. Judges on the day were Lizzy Noone (Worldwide Global Schools), Robbie Lawlor (HIV advocate, promoting awareness to Irish youth), Michael Garvey (6th class teacher DPETNS), Ciara Gough (TY student), Gerard O’ Rourke (TYstudent). Both sides spoke very well and had excellent facts to back up what they were saying. Well done to all debators – Aoife Ni Laoi, Conor Whyte, Grainne Honer and Eve Moore who spoke against the motion and to Gillian Weston, Julian Nolan, Aoife Lyster (who also won best speaker) and Giorgia Tanner. Well done also to Carl Pogue (Chairperson) and Beth Kirwan( timekeeper and researcher) and to the rest of the research team: Eve McCarthy, Hannah McArtain, Robert Kelly, Elaine Murphy, Andrew Grace, Aishlinn Robertson, Jennifer Banayo and Beth Kirwan.

All in all, a great day was had by all. It was very eye opening and interesting. A special thanks to Ms Lowry and Ms. Chaloner for organising the day, to Nadine Ferris France from the IFGH for organising the facilitators (and for her wonderful photos of the event!) and Mr. Creevey and Ms. Flynn for their continued support.

More images from Global Health Day are available here. Special thanks to Nadine Ferris France for her photos.