Viewing of Leaving Certificate Scripts

Dear Parents, Guardians,

Now that the exams are drawing to a close, both parents/guardians and students need to enjoy a well earned break.

Students, there is a free service to view your exam scripts after you get your results.

You need to apply to view your scripts with a card that you will get with your results in August.

The viewing days are Friday September 1st (evening) and Saturday September 2nd (all day). You must be present to view your own script.

Please keep both of these days free, if you are interested in viewing your scripts, as you will be assigned a slot by the school.

If you would like a teacher to view your script with you, then you must personally ask them to attend with you, they will not necessarily be in school at these times. If you feel that you would like to get your script re-corrected, there is a fee, however, if your grade goes up then that fee is returned to you.