Our Wellbeing initiative started back in September 2016 and was inspired by a conversation with four TY students, while on their way to Jigsaw in Balbriggan to start training to become Jigsaw Mental Health Mentors. On this short journey they spoke about how teenagers across Ireland struggle with mental health issues in silence and how mental health needs to be normalised and that it is important that teenagers need to learn more about how they can look after their mental health.  We felt here at Donabate CC we could this!

The idea very quickly grow legs and so many teachers felt passionate about the issue of mental health and got on board. It was decided that we would form a wellbeing committee under the leadership of two wellbeing anchors. Many teachers joined our wellbeing committee, some became wellbeing mentors, looking after the wellbeing of individual year groups and some even starred in our Mental Health videos.

The Wellbeing Committee 2016-17 and students of Donabate Community College worked tirelessly to promote the five ways to wellbeing. You can read all about their work in 2016-17 here - Wellbeing 2016-17

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