On the twenty-first of September 2015, the sixth year Home-Economic students and their teachers, Ms Deery and Ms Ní Dhaighre, set out on a trip to ‘Roganstown Hotel and Country Club’ for an afternoon tea.

As part of the Leaving Certificate food studies coursework Home Economics students had to research a range of different food products currently popular that can be served as part of afternoon tea. They are required to investigate two different techniques used in home baking and the underlying principles involved in each. The students then had to prepare and bake one product suitable for serving at afternoon tea. The students had to evaluate the practicability of home baking and carry out a cost comparison with similar commercial product.

With this in mind, the students headed off on a trip with their Home- Economics teachers to visit the hotel and country club to sample the delights of a proper afternoon tea.

Roganstown Hotel and Country Club is very luxurious, inside and out. It has an elaborate scheme of colours, patterns and designs. Upon arrival, the sixth year group was greeted by the friendly staff who ensured the visit was enjoyable.

Students were led to the dining room which contained tables that had been beautifully set out. A variety of sandwiches were distributed amongst the tables. The sandwiches included traditional ham and cheese, cheese and tomato melted onto crispy toasted bread and bagels filled with either salmon or bacon.

Later, however, a different variety of food arrived. The food was presented on platters, but this time it was platters of miniature cakes and tarts. The cakes proved to be popular amongst the students and were greeted with gasps of delight upon their arrival.

The sixth year students indulged in mini apple tarts and chocolate mousses topped with a strawberry sorbet, accompanied by pots of tea and coffee.  Also included on the platter were mini chocolate muffins with lemon flavoured frosting, coconut flavoured crumbles, raisin scones and finally, mousse with coconut shavings and sprinkles of chili pepper.

There was a friendly atmosphere in the room, the students had the opportunity to chat amongst themselves and with their teachers. The day was a break from the usual routine of school and specifically for the sixth years, the pressure of exams. It proved to be a thoroughly enjoyable day for sixth year students, as one student mentioned: “It was relaxing and lady-like… It took the stress of sixth year away”.

Overall the day was a great experience for all involved, many thanks to Ms Deery and Ms Ní Dhaighre for organising the event.

By Claire Creedon and Shauna Kane.