A Christmas Message from The Chairperson of the Board of Management

23rd December 2020

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On behalf of the Board of Management, I want to wish a very happy and safe Christmas to all children, teachers, staff, and families as we finish this remarkable Autumn term. This has been a year like no other in all our lifetimes, so much has changed in a short period of time – the world around us, our small little country, our community, the places we work and call home. Life during COVID-19 has sparked fear, frustration, and anxiety all around. This has been a very challenging and stressful time for so many but now, more than ever, we must focus all our energy on defeating this pandemic and the challenges associated with it. Now more than ever, we must redouble our efforts to keep this virus suppressed over the festive season and with a vaccination just around the corner thankfully there is some light at the end of the dark tunnel of 2020.

As a School, we are hopeful that sometime during the coming weeks and months, we will look at this difficult time in the “rear-view mirror.” When we do, it will be with immense pride in how we individually and collectively, responded as a school community.

I want to very much acknowledge that this school year is very different as the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all our lives in so many ways. My thanks to the Principal, Mr Creevey, his school leadership team, the teachers and all the staff for the extraordinary effort, planning, preparation, and resources that have been put in place to ensure the school is as safe as possible an environment for everybody.  I also fully appreciate that these new arrangements that have been put in place also require the co-operation, patience and understanding from parents, guardians and extended families and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your kindness and goodwill throughout this year.

However, most of all I want to especially pay tribute to the hardworking and dedicated students of Donabate Community College, who have shown incredible courage, determination and flexibility since March as they adjusted to the new COVID-19 pandemic world we have all had to live in. The Board of Management and I are very aware of the great sacrifices students have had to make both in and out of school through this pandemic. I would like to urge the parents/guardians to continue to support our school by ensuring compliance with covid-19 safety measures.

As Chairperson, I look forward to the day when we have our sports teams, debating teams, parents’ breakfast and all the activities that bring us so much joy available to us again.  I regret that we cannot hold our Winter Concert but wish the students participating in the virtual DDLETB virtual concert every success.

Finally, again just to wish you all a very safe and happy Christmas and I would kindly ask that you please continue to follow all the public health advice to keep this deadly virus under control and ensure all our safety within our local community and beyond over the festive season.

Stay Safe,

Cllr. Adrian Henchy

Chairperson of the Board of Management.