Today is National Safer Internet day. Here are the top tips to deal with bullying online (cyberbullying)

* Don’t feel ashamed – The shame lies with the perpetrator. Often people who bully others do so to make themselves feel better because they are unhappy. Do not blame yourself, it is not your fault.
* Don’t reply to abusive or hurtful messages – Do not respond to unwanted texts, however many are sent through. Screenshot as much as possible/
* Save the message – Do not delete the offensive text, email, phone-call, video-clip or image, you should instead screenshot it and it can be kept as evidence.
* Protect yourself – Check your privacy settings for all apps and follow the instructions in the app’s report centre – google <app name> and report centre if you need to use it.
* If the cyber-bullying is very threatening and serious, contact your local Gardai, save all messages/screenshot and block the sender.
* Do not ignore the bullying – tell someone you trust. Report the threatening or offensive behaviour to parent or teacher and/or contact the service provider. Share evidence of cyber-bullying with the school.
(Above is with thanks to the Anti Bullying Centre and DCU)

Remember, when posting online: Do you have permission to post this and would you mind if everyone in the community could view it?