Care to be Kind – Wednesday!

12th February 2020

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1st Year students have been learning all about Promoting Positivity through the ‘Wired for Well Being’ programme
A good skill to practice is at the end of each day pick ‘Three Good Things’ that happened to you today. List all the positive emotions they gave you.

The human brain has an in-built Negativity Bias.The Negativity Bias means that we can be more likely to notice and be affected by negative events and negative emotions.
A small negative event can often affect us very strongly, causing us not to see the positivity still around us and ruin our mood.
We need to force ourselves to start noticing and savouring all the small daily events that can generate our positive emotions.

Research showed that people who did this for at least a week experienced an increase in their happiness. People who did it for at least a month experienced an even greater increase in happiness!

So, give it a go for a month – use a notebook or personalised journal!

Thanks to Fiona Forman for the ‘Wired for Well-Being’ programme.