Congrats to Leaving Cert Class of 2019!

14th August 2019

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The annual wait for exam results ended on Tuesday morning in Donabate Community College as this year’s Leaving Certificate students gathered to collect their results from School Principal, Mr. Anthony Creevey.

Parents and teachers waited as students received their results and the nervous faces vanished as the all-important envelopes were opened. The Class of 2019 in Donabate CC have worked hard and this showed in their incredible results.  The comradeship amongst this year’s class was especially evident as they congratulated one another and assisted one another in the counting of their CAO points.


Giorgia Tanner was the cohort’s highest scorer with an incredible 577 points. She is hoping to study medicine and her advice to anyone thinking of doing similar was to take the HPAT very seriously and treat it as an extra subject to study from fifth year. This will help to take the pressure off around the time of the mocks when the HPAT exam is. In total, eleven students achieved around and above the 500 points mark which is an incredible accomplishment. Orla Cahill received 556 points, she is hoping to study Global Business in DCU with a focus on Spain. Jennifer Banayo received an excellent 555 points. Molly Laforgue and Eve Moore both received 541 points and while Molly is hoping to study European Studies in Trinity, Eve is hoping for a place in UCD studying Languages, Linguistics and Cultures.

Eden Milne and Carl Pogue both received 532 points. Eden is hoping to study Biomedical Science at DIT while Carl is hoping to study Geology. Receiving 531 points, Cian Jinks is hoping for a place at Trinity College where he will study Computer Science. Trinity College is also the destination for Laura Burke as with her 518 points she hopes to study Social Work. Olivia Dolan received 499 points and is hoping to study Biomedical Science while Ellen Dunne is taking a well-earned gap year after receiving 498 points.

This year’s Class have outdone themselves with 58% receiving more than 300 points. Very well done to all our students who achieved their potential across the entire spectrum of subjects and are now waiting patiently for their CAO offers on Thursday.


Points % of Cohort 
500+ 8%
400+ 23%
300+ 27%
200+ 22%
100+ 14%
100- 6%

The Class of 2019 had some parting words of advice for the incoming Leaving Cert class. Their first suggestion was that study needed to be regular. Students need to try and study from the start of the year, to ease pressure at exam time and particularly for the Oral exams in language subjects.

Students emphasised not stressing about the mock exams and instead use them as a barometer of your study. Another suggestion was to study the longer and perhaps more heavy and detailed subjects earlier, before tackling the ones you were most confident with.

The Class of 2019 suggest that you should not compare your results to other people’s, instead believe in yourself and your own abilities and talents. Most importantly, they remind students to take time out and balance it with study as best you can, leading to more productive study time. However, this piece from Eve Moore captures, in our opinion, the best advice;

“Sixth year is all about progression and commitment. Start sixth year with determination, drive and an open mind. Don’t expect H1’s from the get-go. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re not getting the grades you want in the beginning. If you are trying your best in any subject, you should be proud regardless of any grade received.

Stay organised and look after your health and wellbeing.

Utilise every resource available in the school and don’t hesitate to ask for help.

When making decisions about future colleges, professions etc.; trust your instincts, follow your passions and don’t make decisions about your life to make others around you happy. Also, don’t fret over decisions. Society forgets how young we are in this year.

And finally, don’t stop until you’re proud :)”

Donabate Community College would like to congratulate all our students on their terrific results and wish them well as they take their next step into their future.

More photos from Leaving Cert Results Day can be viewed here.

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