Donabate Community College celebrate Leaving Certificate Success!

1st October 2021

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Last week, Donabate CC welcomed back students who had recently completed Leaving Certificate 2021. Sixteen students were presented with an award for outstanding results, each of whom received in excess of 500 points.
Despite the struggles associated with the pandemic during their senior academic years, students worked diligently and with determination to achieve their potential.
In conversation with our award recipients, their advice for the upcoming Leaving Certificate Class was “To study from Day One.” While the areas of study students are now pursuing were varied across the Sciences, Arts, Music, Business, Accounting, Philosophy, Medical Science, Analytical Science and across different college campuses, everyone agreed that effort from day one drastically improves your chances of succeeding in what you are passionate about.
Thomas Crean, Sam Dolan, and Sean Collins advised students to have a clear head and know what path you want to go down before beginning preparations for the exams. They said having a clear understanding of what you want to do helps focus on your studies and proves easier overall.
Many students applied for the accredited grades while also sitting the exams last June. Although they noted that sometimes it was stressful, they believed that this was the best decision given the circumstances. Ciara Kavanagh, Cara Spagnoletti and Ali Kavanagh remarked on the importance of doing your homework consistently.
The rise in points this year gave rise to some students reevaluating their next step. Some are taking gap years while others are discovering new paths and interests.
Eoin Moran, Jack Pender and Matthew Crowe stated the importance of choosing a career that you are really interested in and being aware of not letting financial reward cloud your judgement. Eoin noted that there might not be lots of career options after his degree in philosophy, but it he really loves doing it.
Congratulations to the following students who received presentations marking their incredible Leaving Certificate results;
Leah Brogan
Sean Collins
Thomas Crean
Matthew Crowe
Niamh Cullen
Sam Dolan
Alanna France
Ciara Kavanagh
Ali Kavanagh
Eoin Moran
Senan O’Riordan
Jack Pender
Oisín Power
Liam Shorthall
Cara Spagnoletti
Jennifer Thompson
Most started orientation or classes last week and we wish them, and all of the Class of 2021, the very best of luck in their studies and future careers.
By Lia Bracken, Hazel McGoey and Ava Pender, TY Journalism