First Year Breakfast Morning

28th September 2017

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On Friday the 22nd of September 2017, we held our annual breakfast morning for our first year students.

The students gathered in the hall at 9:30 to welcome their parents to Donabate Community College. Parents and guardians of the first year students then gathered in the main hall for the breakfast. Tea and coffee were served by the staff and students to the parents and guardians.

The six first year classes gathered in the main hall along with their tutors
and year head. Parents had a chance to talk with other parents, with their child’s tutor and with their teachers. They were able to see how their child was getting on so far in their first year of secondary school.

The morning was enjoyed by all, as the students chatted among their friends and parents. It was a lovely opportunity for the parents to be a part of and witness their child’s school environment and the students got a chance to show their parents their school and classes.

There was a friendly atmosphere in the hall, filled with chatter and laughter among the parents and students. Parents complimented the breakfast morning, saying there was a great atmosphere.

Towards the end of the morning, Mr. Creevey thanked all of the parents and students for attending the breakfast morning. He said that he wasn’t expecting such a good turnout of parents and guardians and that he was glad that everyone was having a good time.

The students presented themselves very well amongst their peers, tutors, teachers, year head and of course their parents. It was a lovely morning which will continue to be a tradition in Donabate Community College for years to come.

Article and photos with thanks to TY Journalism students; Lara Rooney, Lara Carroll and Aisling Read.