Green Schools Committee Hard at Work

7th December 2018

Latest News

This year an official green schools committee has been created by Ms.Molloy, Mr. Creevey, Eta White, Sean Darcy, James Stenson, Daragh Brett, Matthew Horne-O’Connor and other members of the school to help aid the wellbeing of the school, community and the planet.

The committee has had many achievements since its creation. They have managed to rid the school of plastic bottles by asking students and staff to stop using one off bottles and are are in the process of procuring new environmentally safe bottles for the students to use.

They have also introduced the school to green lined bins which is a major improvement to the school. The green lined bins are sent off for recycling while the standard white lined bins are sent off to general waste. The students and staff of DCC are very grateful that the committee is helping the school and Donabate become a much greener place.

In the school the green school committee have held competitions to encourage the students to recycle and become greener. It has made it more enjoyable for the them to recycle and it has spread awareness to school staff.

Our green school committee’s primary focus is achieving the litter flag but they are also aiming for the energy flag and the water flag. We hope as a school that our efforts to become greener and more environmentally friendly has made a difference in our students’ life and the community around us and we hope that we can spread the word about looking after our planet.

By Victoria Emorinken and Matthew Byrne, TY Journalism