Health Promoting Schools Flag Awarded to DCC

21st October 2020

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Just before school closures back in March, our school received the Health Promoting Schools Flag, awarded by the HSE.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, there was no official ceremony and in lieu of this, Mr Doyle presented the flag and banner to a cohort of the Donabate Community College’s students.
This award is a formal recognition of all the good work that students, staff and the wider community have been doing in the area of Wellbeing.

The areas that the school was examined in were as follows, Environment, Curriculum and Learning, Policy and Planning and Partnerships.

The HSE were extremely impressed with all the work we have done in these areas and the work we are continuing to do.

In many ways, we are leading the way in the area of Wellbeing, and we would like to congratulate all in our school community for their continued engagement and support of our initiatives.