iPad Information – 1st Yr ’21

DDLETB are delighted to host two iPad information evenings respectively on Thursday 11th March @ 7 pm and Monday 22nd March @ 7 pm. 
Parents/Guardians and learners are encouraged to attend either night as these information evenings will be hosted by representatives of DDLETB and Wriggle. Time will be made available throughout these evenings for Q&A sessions. 
These sessions will be recorded and available to view via the original link on MS Teams.
Session 1 (11th March)
This session will demonstrate how vital iPads have been in contributing to student learning in the past year.
Prior to the last 12 months the session will showcase how students use iPads in class making the learning experience more self-directed. 
Teachers will demonstrate the correct use of technology in the classroom and how it leads to a positive learning environment.
Session 2 (22nd March)
This session will be focused on the purchasing options of iPads through Wriggle and how to access the Wriggle store.
Details of costs, insurance options and flexi-payment facilities will be discussed at the session also.
We strongly encourage Parents/Guardians to attend this session should they have any questions regarding such.