Leaving Cert Presentation!

5th September 2019

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“Dream Big”

We were delighted to be joined this afternoon by students who excelled in this year’s Leaving Certificate and achieved above 500 points. Students were invited to the school to receive a special presentation to recognise and celebrate this impressive achievement.

Sixth Year students joined Mr Creevey, Mrs Flynn and Mr Doyle in congratulating Giorgia Tanner, Orla Cahill, Laura Burke, Olivia Dolan, Eve Moore, Molly Laforgue and Eden Milne on their achievements. Unfortunately, Ellen Dunne, Cian Jinks, Carl Pogue and Jennifer Banayo could not be with us but they sent on their apologies and were also congratulated on their achievements.

Mr Creevey paid great tribute to all of the students of the Class of 2019 – their hard work and determination yielding excellent results. Orla Cahill spoke to the 6th Years and offered practical advice as they face the year ahead. Above all, she stressed to students to enjoy their final year as it is over before you realise. Mrs Flynn encouraged the 6th Year students to dream big and wholeheartedly endorsed Orla’s words of wisdom.

Many thanks to the students and their parents for visiting us this afternoon. Thanks to Mr Adrian Henchy, Chairperson of the Board of Management who also congratulated students on their success.

We wish the Class of 2019 well and wish our 6th Year students every success in their studies!