Leaving Certificate Celebration 2023

18th September 2023

Latest News

Last week we were thrilled to welcome our students from the 2023 Leaving Cert cohort who excelled in their exams, each receiving over 500 points. They were presented an award by Mr. Creevey in front of our new first year students. Mr. Creevey spoke about how proud he was of their accomplishments and how he hoped the new first years would follow in their footsteps.

Congratulations to Peter Oliver who got 8 H1s, 625 points, the first time this has ever happened in the school’s history. He’s going to UCD to complete a computer science degree. We wish him luck for his future. He advised students to “start planning 6th year from day 1” and “do not delay your studies”.

Our Students and their Futures

  • Farren Milne: Medical Chemistry and Chemical Biology in UCD
  • Eoghan O’Dea: Actuarial and Financial Mathematics at DCU
  • Oisín Finnan: Business Economics and Social Studies in Trinity College
  • Nicole Murray: Politics, International Relations and Social Justice in UCD
  • Kristine Banez: Engineering in TUD
  • Taibat Rasheed: Psychology with Science in Maynooth University
  • Peter Oliver: Computer Science in University College Dublin
  • Kevin Nagle: Engineering in DCU
  • Ronan Donnelly: Television in FADT
  • Luke Francis: General Engineering in TUD
  • Robert Pender: Economics and Maths in Trinity College
  • Matthew Bourke: Engineering in Trinity College
  • Luke Mitchell: Business Studies in DCU
  • Rory Cox: Engineering in Trinity College
  • Ryan France: Mechatronic Engineering in DCU
  • Josh Tighe: Computer Studies in the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, U.S.A.
  • Alex Connolly: Business, Economics and Social Sciences in Trinity College
  • Emma Carroll

Words of Wisdom

“Use flash cards and listen to drum and bass/synth wave while you study” – Ryan France

“Study hard, do past papers from early on, don’t let mock results put you down” – Rory Cox

“Work hard because you get out what you put in, balance is just as important as working hard” – Luke Mitchell

“Study in one hour blocks with ten minutes in between each block, organise your notes,

don’t be a haggler” – Matthew Bourke

“Work hard, study from as early as possible, keep a balance” – Robert Pender

“ Work hard but keep a balance” – Luke Francis

“Find time for yourself, there are always other paths”– Ronan Donnelly

“Don’t get too stressed, don’t overwork yourself, keep doing”– Kevin Nagle

“Start planning early in 6th year from day one, you need to have a study plan for the start, it may feel tempting to delay the inevitable but you will only have to do more work in the long run per week, I would break the study plan down into weeks, best of luck” – Peter Oliver

“Make sure to study for class tests even if they feel insignificant, the study you do will pay off in the end and your overall study load will be reduced as a result” – Taibat Rasheed

“Staying up late to cram in work is not beneficial, allow yourself to take a break every once

and a while” – Kristine Banez

“Consistency is key, stay on top of things” – Nicole Murray

“Keep a balance” – Oisín Finnan

“Put the work in early so your not stressing in June” – Eoghan O’Dea

“Try to enjoy your last year in school as much as you can, it goes by very quickly, put your head down and everything will work out, try to keep a work life balance” — Farren Milne

We are so proud of the Leaving Cert Class 2023 and we wish them all every success with their futures!

Article and photos by Harry McGrath, Conor Murphy, Nicole Thornton and Mia Lowry, TY Journalism