School Year 2020 Draws to a Close

29th May 2020

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Dear Parent, Guardian,

It is difficult to believe that the 29th May has arrived, the last day of the school year. As we say farewell to our students and complement them on their resilience, their capacity to shoulder the unknown, and their continued ability to impress their teachers, we take this opportunity, to thank you for shouldering the unknown and supporting your son/daughter’s learning in addition to supporting our work.

Teachers are in the process of reporting on assessment at present. As you are aware this year, we are also predicting grades for our Leaving Certificate students. We have extended our original deadline for submission of teacher reflections on learning to June 5th. As soon as possible following that date we will publish to VSware, the end of year report for your son/daughter. You will receive a text to signal that publication.

Our Leaving Certificate Students might like to take a look at the photo montage put together by Ms Clery, showing your journey through Donabate Community College. Those photos represent a host of stories and emotions. They also represent the fact that you have arrived at the next stage of your life.

In a year when we have dealt with the unknown, the unpredictable and the unseen, we realise how strong our coping mechanisms are. We extend our thanks to all in our community who have kept us safe, fed, and our communities tidy, removed our rubbish and looked out for the vulnerable. We keep in our hearts the memory of losses borne by families over the course of the year and the solidarity demonstrated by neighbors.


We wish you all a lovely sunny summer.