Season’s Wishes

22nd December 2020

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To our families past and present,

We wish you the joy of the season, albeit in a slightly different way this year. Despite the anxieties presented by the current situation, and the difficult decisions which families find themselves having to make this year, there are opportunities to make new happy but different memories in this technological and social distanced season.

We very much appreciate your warm messages of support in what has been a very peculiar time.

We want to acknowledge those in the community who are working in front line services each day, where the pressures are constant and draining.

To those who have experienced illness or who are presently experiencing illness, our best wishes to you for full recovery and a brighter new year.

We are very mindful of those who have experienced loss of a loved one this year. Our thoughts are with you.

To our students, we are proud of you and how you have risen to the challenges presented by this pandemic. It is the small things that count and become the significant things in our lives. To this end, over the holiday period, cherish your families, stay connected with your friends, enjoy some exercise and mind yourselves. We will see you in the new year, refreshed.

It is an historic time, we will look back in years to come and say ” Do you remember the time before the Covid vaccine?” That time will come.