Junior Cycle @DCC

SEN team:

SEN Department (Special Education Needs)


Ms Christine Carr (SEN Coordinator)

Ms Katy Comerford (Resource teacher)

Ms Carmel Egan (ASD centre teacher)

Ms Evelyn Lee (ASD centre teacher)

Special Needs Assistance:

Ms Aoife Daly

Ms Mary Cauldwell

Ms Siobhan Power

Ms Sheila Sherlock

Ms Jackie Watson

RACE 2017:

RACE: Reasonable Accommodations at the 2017 Certificate Examinations. Guide for students available on www.examinations.ie

Please note deadlines below for the 2017 scheme.

2017 Timelines

Available From Closing Date Decision Timeframe
Leaving Certificate /Leaving Certificate Applied 2017 –Accommodation Form Oct 2016 9th Dec 2016 End Jan -End Feb 2017
Leaving Certificate / LCA 2017 – Late Application Form Mid Dec 2016 7th April 2017 May 2017
Junior Certificate 2017 – Standard Application Form Nov 2016 13th Jan 2017 End Mar –End April 2017
Junior Certificate 2017 –Late Application Form Mid Jan 2017 7th Apr 2017 May 2017
Emergency Application Form – LC and JC n/a n/a
Help and Advice on the Race Scheme:

Phone: 090 6442700

Email: race@examinations.ie

Website: www.examinations.ie