Sixth Year Parent/Guardian Teacher Online Meetings

29th November 2021

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Our Sixth Year PT online meetings this Thursday will be hosted on the Microsoft platform, using the Booking App. Attached is a guide for parents and guardians on how to book meeting times with the teachers of your son/daughter. The screen shots are from a fictional meeting so that you can become familiar with the screen which will appear when you click on the link.

Please take some time to read through the guide, our tips and recommendations. The meetings will be set up Tuesday evening and published to parents using a link text to your phone.

Confirmation of meetings with meeting details will be automatically emailed to you. Please keep track of the order in which you have booked teachers.

Following the meetings late this week/early next week, we will ask you through a MS Form for your feedback on our use of this app.

I would emphasise strongly that meetings are of 5mins duration and no longer.

Thank you as always for your support,

Donabate Community College

Guide to MS Bookings App for Parents

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