Spring Holidays

26th March 2021

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Wishing each of our families a sun filled, happy, rejuvenating break. A huge thank you to everybody working to keep our communities safe, well, fed, clean and minded. 

To our Parents and Guardians, your continued support does mean such a lot to us.

To our Students, we consider ourselves lucky to work with you. During these restrictions, you have been fantastic.  For the Senior Students who have been back on site, you have been brilliant. We sincerely hope that the public health situation will allow us all to meet on site following the holidays. 

A gentle reminder to our Sixth Years taking Oral or Music Practical Exams over the next two weeks. The clocks change this weekend, so ensure that your watches etc. are set to the correct time. 

Students needs these two weeks to take a break away from screens and the study. For those who have some unfinished assignments to complete over the break, set that time aside in the mornings of next week, then completely pack away your home school and let you brain recharge, your brain is more precious than your phone or device, so let it have time to restore itself following your hard work this term.