Student Council Elections 2018-19

21st September 2018

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The Student Council Elections for 2018-2019 will be held on Friday the 28th of September.

How do we vote for the Student Council?
There are two stages in the Student Council voting. In the first stage of voting each class group will nominate one male and one female from their base class. This is done usually in your base class but it can in other classes.
In the second stage of voting, classes will go one at a time to B36/37 and there will ballot boxes set up. The students will put their vote in the box one at a time and it will be completely enclosed so no one can see your vote.

Why do we have a School Council?
The Student Council in our school is there to ensure that all students are able to have their voice heard. Students bring their ideas to the Year’s representatives and the representatives then bring these ideas to the weekly Council meetings. The Chairperson of the Student Council will then bring items from these meetings to the attention of Mr. Creevey.

What have previous Student Council members said?
All students said that they enjoyed the Student Council and they all agreed that was a great experience and they would love to have the opportunity again. One member of the Student Council last year said: “she felt like they made a difference”. All of the members on the Student Council that were interviewed agreed that they learned a lot and how to get their voices across.

Article with thanks to Second Year Roosevelt students:
Kevin Nagle
Oisin Finnan
Eoghan O’Dea
Matthew Bourke