Thank You

25th September 2020

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

We would like to express both our thanks to you, and a commendation to your sons and daughters for your support of our covid compliance measures. When we look at photographs of school life as it was and as it will be again, it impresses on us how social we are and how much we miss that type of interaction with not only our students but with you also. Our students have been fantastic in cultivating habits of sanitising, wearing face coverings and doing their best to be distant while outside. We appreciate all of this more than we can say.

In the adult world where there are so many extra pressures, you have embraced digital forms, covid response emails and been proactive in watching out for suspected symptoms and making decisions on sending or not sending your sons/daughters to school. You have kept us informed about your particular situation and you have let us know when we could expect your child to return to school. You have trusted us with personal information and that fact is not lost on us. Your actions make school life safe for each of us and for this we are particularly thankful.

For those who have questions around testing,test results and return to school/work, the link below will direct you to HSE information which may be of assistance to you.

While the news media speak of levels and lockdowns, our focus in school is to make sure that each day is as ordinary as possible, that those who are still anxious or nervous, know that they can express this to us and we will mind them.

It is a tonic to see students arriving to school smiling, your actions have made this possible.

Thank you