Third Year Assessment and Reporting Arrangements

12th May 2020

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Dear Parent, Guardian,

At the end of the month, third year students will receive a school report with a cumulative grade and
teacher reflection on student learning.
This grade represents a combination of work which may include the following, classwork, class tests,
written pieces, house exams, mock results. Teachers may issue an additional short assessment which
will be limited in scope. The weighting for each grade in line with the Department of Education
guidelines will be in favour of work submitted before March 12th. Final assessments will be considered
in the overall grade, taking into account the challenging circumstances in which families find themselves.. No
student will be disadvantaged for an inability to engage with online material following the school
closure on 12th March.

Please click on the link below for information on the assessment and reporting arrangement for Third Year students.

Third Year Assessment Components 2020 g

Third Year Letter to Parents Assessment and Reporting a