TY Students Participate in Circus Skills Workshop

4th October 2021

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Well done to our TY students who completed a circus skills workshop with Johnny Phelan recently. Johnny Phelan is from Street Theatre Ireland. He gave the opportunity to students to try different circus skills such as juggling, tight rope walking and even unicycle riding. There were games for everyone to enjoy. Everyone put in a great effort and enjoyed the workshop thoroughly.

Johnny Phelan started by giving everyone sticks that were long and narrow. Students then had to balance the stick on their finger and point it vertically. The students found it difficult at the start, but it didn’t take them long to master the art.

Johnny Phelan then demonstrated how to balance a plate on top of a long stick. Most of the students had already mastered the balancing of the stick and were able to twirl and spin the plate on top!

Students were also given the opportunity to walk on a tight rope and even some stilt walking which resulted in a lot of laughter.
Talking to the Independent, Phelan said, “It really sparks children’s imagination, and when we help them walk across a tightwire at the end of the session, their eyes light up”. Well done to all TY students for participating in the workshop.

By Kevin McBrien, TY Journalism
Photos: Hazel McGoey and Ava Pender