TY Trip to Italy!

14th May 2019

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Students of TY recently went on a fantastic trip to Lake Garda in Italy. It was a three day and two night trip filled with activities for the students.

On the first day students were brought from the airport to Sirmione. Students were let roam to see the sights of Sirmione which included the Villa Romana. Some students even got a taste of Italy at the wonderful restaurants. Once finished students boarded a cruise ship which took them around Sirmione which brought students to their next activity. Once docked students got onto a bus and were brought to the cable cars of Monte Baldo. The cars brought students up 1760m ( roughly 5774 feet ) to the top of the mountains. The views were breathtaking! At the end of the day. students checked into their hotel, the Hotel Park Jolanda and were treated to dinner. Tired, but happy students went to bed ready for another day of adventure.

On the second day, after breakfast, students were brought from the hotel to Gardaland where they spent the day. They were allowed to go on the many different attractions which included; Blue Tornado, Raptor, Oblivion and many many more. Students could also get lunch from the fast food restaurants or buy souvenirs from the shops around the park. Gardaland was a really enjoyable experience that the students thoroughly enjoyed.

On the final day of the trip, the group visited the historical city of Verona. This is the city where Shakespeare’s infamous tragedy Romeo and Juliet was set. We visited the amphitheatre where operas and concerts from all kinds of acts are held. The amphitheatre is around 2,000 years old. When operas happen in the amphitheatre the performers do not need to use a microphone because of the terrific acoustics. After the tour, students were given time to grab lunch in the centre and go shopping. When the students were finished in Verona, they then went to go to the shopping centre where they picked up some last minute bargains and souvenirs! Students then made their way to the airport where they made their way home.

Overall students thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Lake Garda and will never forget the trip and the memories they made. A huge thank you to GTI for their excellent planning and care of the group. A big thank you to Ms Sheehan for organising the trip and to Mr Clarke, Mr Casey, Ms Maguire, Ms O’Mahony, Ms Orohoe, Ms Watson and Ms Sherlock for taking such good care of the students.

Article by Lara Browne, Ali Kavanagh, Jack O’Connor, Eoin Moran, Eoin Brehony – TY Journalism.

Ms Sheehan would like to also credit the students for their excellent behaviour and their company. They were a credit to themselves, the school and their families.