TY’s Get Driving

9th May 2022

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TY students took part in driving lessons between the 15th March to the 5th April. The students took  part in driving lessons, theory tests, games, and changing tires. The driving instructors were very informative and talked the students through the driving very thoroughly.  

Students said they felt a bit nervous behind the wheel as it was the majority’s first time, but the driving instructor was very helpful and guided the students perfectly, he talked through the different gears and pedals.  

They learned some important skills like how to change a tire and the different parts of the car. They also completed some practice theory tests and watched informative videos. The students also played some games with beer goggles like dribbling a ball around cones and testing our mobility skills while wearing the goggles. This informed students of the dangers of drink driving and why you should never drive under the influence as the consequences can be fatal.  

A great day for all the TY’s to get their first taste of driving, most of them will be talking their theory test soon.

Thanks to Dara Heffernan and Chloe Hanlon for this article and an accompanying video available here.