Leaving Certificate accounting provides students with the knowledge, understanding and skills in accounting and financial management necessary for managing personal and basic company accounts. The learning experiences in accounting develop students’ organisational, logical thinking, planning and problem-solving skills for their future life, work and study. It also develops their numeracy skills within the context of business and enterprise. Students will learn how to prepare accounts for various different types of business and clubs. Students will be able to analyse and assess the performance of a business based on specific indicators and they will also learn how to prepare several different types of budgets which can be applied to their own personal lives.

Accounting allows students to develop a number of skills that will stand them when they leave school and progress into third level education and / or the working world. Accounting develops skills such as problem solving, planning, organisation, time management and logical thinking. Accounting suits students who are self-motivated, determined and hard working.

Applied Maths: 

Leaving Certificate: Applied Maths is, as its name suggests, the study of practical applications of mathematics to the real world and physical problems. It is typically associated with engineering and physics, but also finds use in economics, finance, business, environmental studies, and even chemistry and medicine. The Applied Mathematics course at Leaving Certificate would be called ‘Theoretical Mechanics’ or ‘Mathematical Physics’ in third level education and it is one of many branches of the more general field of Applied Mathematics.

Students are asked problems with numerical solutions, such as computing the volume of fluid in a container, or finding the optimal angle to throw a projectile at so that it will travel as far as possible. As a result, Applied Maths is excellent for developing strong problem-solving skills, which are very valuable for future employment.