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Transition Year Journalism students are currently working on a page to feature our past students.  The page will include a biography of past students, detailing their school days, further education, and career.  We look forward to sharing it with you!

Donabate Community College Mentoring Programme

The Mentoring Programme at Donabate Community College connects past students with a
number of our current 6 th Year students. The mentors share their experiences of the Leaving
Certificate, offering advice and answering questions pertaining to their own path and
choices after the Leaving Certificate. The mentors are able to bring another perspective to
this challenging year which can be very reassuring to our current students. This programme
is in it’s infancy, however the commitment to establishing the programme as part of our
school life is undeniable.
We are really appreciative of our former students who volunteered to be one of our
mentors. These include Katie Ellwood, Anna O’Reilly, Saoirse Foley, Rachel Drysdale,
Alexandra Philbin, Sadhbh Nevins, Cillian Walsh, Nicholas Culligan.
The feedback from our students has been extremely positive. Being able to speak to
someone who through recent experience can empathise with their situation was invaluable.
We are fortunate in Donabate Community College to have such positive role models in our
alumni students. As more students wish to come on board, this is a model which we will see
embedded in our school life, with one day our current students becoming mentors