As today marks day 1 of ‘Care to be Kind’ week – let’s take the opportunity today to be a little bit kinder to ourselves and each other.

Do you know who to turn to if you don’t feel yourself or you’re worried about someone else? Your One Good Adult.
This is the adult who you would turn to if you needed to talk, get help or get advice. At Donabate CC, we have plenty of people who can act as your One Good Adult – From Year Heads to Class Tutors to Class Teachers to the DLP or DDLP to the Guidance Counsellors to SNA’s to Neal the Caretaker to Marcella, Breda & Helen in the office.

Outside of school, you may choose your parents or guardians, your grandparents, your aunts or uncles, your siblings, your coach, your neighbours or older friends as your One Good Adult. You might even have more than one!

It’s important to know who you would turn to if and when you need support.